9 luminous and 9 matte colors,
2.5 or 7 grams each
2.5 grams: ¥2,500 (plus tax)
7 grams: ¥3,800 (plus tax)
SPF17 PA++

Made from 100% minerals! Gentle enough to be worn overnight.

Medicated Whitening Foundation

Two colors, 2.5 or 7 grams each
2.5 grams: ¥3,100 (plus tax)
7 grams: ¥3,900 (plus tax)
SPF50 PA+++

Just apply for brighter* skin
Medicated SPF 50+ foundation
*Cosmetic effect

Premium Foundation

Two colors, 7 grams each
¥4,500 (plus tax)
7 grams: ¥3,800 (plus tax)
SPF40 PA++++

Premium luminescence* plus reliable coverage
Finer-grade 100% mineral powder
*Inhibits melanin production

Mineral Essence BB Cream

3 colors, 30 grams each
¥4,000 (plus tax)
SPF25 PA++

Made with minerals and botanical extracts which is as gentle as a beauty cream.

Mineral Essence BB Cream Ultra

3 colors, 30 grams each
¥4,300 (plus tax)
SPF25 PA++

Beauty serum BB cream offering exceptional, long-lasting coverage.
You'll be amazed at how well it works.

Mineral Tone Up BB Serum

One color, 30 grams
¥4,200 (plus tax)
SPF25 PA++

Premium brightening* BB serum.
Brings loveliness to even the most imbalanced skin.
*Cosmetic effect

Mineral Cushion BB

Two colors, 11 grams each
¥4,700 (plus tax)
SPF25 PA++

Meet our richly hydrating, cushiony mineral BB cream.
Just touch it on for an instant glow!

Mineral Tone Up Cushion BB

One color, 11 grams
¥4,900 (plus tax)
SPF50 PA+++

Get reliable coverage for problem pores and redness, with our mineral brightening cushion designed for use with facial coverings

Mineral Moist Foundation

Five colors, 10 grams each
With brush and case: ¥4,700 (plus tax)
Refill: ¥3,800 (plus tax)
SPF35 PA++++

Mineral powder infused with botanical oils for skin that's softly radiant and lushly hydrated