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*1……Inhibits melanin production to prevent freckles and dark spots
*2……Magnesium L-ascorbyl 2-phosphate

  • Made from 100% minerals

    Goes on so light, you'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all (perfect for sensitive or combination skin)

  • Minerals plus beauty ingredients

    For lush, dewy hydration (perfect for dry or normal skin)



9 luminous and 9 matte colors,
2.5 or 7 grams each
2.5 grams: ¥2,500 (plus tax)
7 grams: ¥3,800 (plus tax)
SPF17 PA++

Made from 100% minerals! Gentle enough to be worn overnight.

Medicated Brightening Foundation
SPF 50+

Two colors, 2.5 or 7 grams each
2.5 grams: ¥3,100 (plus tax)
7 grams: ¥3,900 (plus tax)
SPF50 PA+++

Just apply for brighter* skin
Medicated SPF 50+ foundation

Premium Foundation

Two colors, 7 grams each
¥4,500 (plus tax)
7 grams: ¥3,800 (plus tax)
SPF40 PA++++

Premium luminescence plus reliable coverage
Finer-grade 100% mineral powder

Mineral Moist Foundation

Five colors, 10 grams each
With brush and case: ¥4,700 (plus tax)
Refill: ¥3,800 (plus tax)
SPF35 PA++++

Mineral powder infused with botanical oils for skin that's softly radiant and lushly hydrated

Mineral Essence BB Cream

3 colors, 30 grams each
¥4,000 (plus tax)
SPF25 PA++

Made with minerals and botanical extracts which is as gentle as a beauty cream.