So good for your skin,
you can wear it to bed
More beautiful
the longer you wear it

I wanted a product that felt so good,
I’d forget I had sensitive skin.

We want you to have fun transforming
your look with makeup and love
what you see--no matter what your skin type.

Beauty is not about a fleeting, short-term look.
We want you to love the face you have,
even below your foundation,
all day and all night long.

Get the protective power of
natural minerals plus the targeted

effectiveness of scientifically-developed,
highly functional ingredients.

We want to bring confidence and
hope to those with sensitive skin by
marrying nature and science together.

So we worked tirelessly to develop
a gently textured, medicated base makeup
for people of every skin type.

Rich colored makeup made from only the purest minerals.
Our delicately-balanced formula creates a gorgeous
finish regardless of the condition of your skin,

yet rinses away easily with soap and water.

ONLY MINERALS is the brand of choice for
those with delicate complexions

that are sensitive to harsh environments and high stress.

we are
committed to
six core principles.

  • 01Premium minerals sourced from around the world

    We only use the finest quality minerals sourced from Japan and around the world.
    Our products go through certain processing techniques to give them a creamy
    texture and ensure that our skincare products are gentle
    enough to be used with our facial beauty devices.

  • 02Naturally derived ingredients

    In order to maximize the benefits of minerals,
    we insist on using only gentle, naturally-derived ingredients.
    We will never use any of the following artificial ingredients in any of our products.

  • 03Gentle enough to rinse away with soap and water

    Nearly every one of our products?
    from our base makeup and foundation to our eye makeup,
    lipstick and blush can be easily rinsed away with soap and water.
    This allows users to avoid harsh cleansers that can
    dry out skin and helps minimize stress and damage to the complexion.

  • 04Beauty starts with healthy skin

    By eliminating the stress that long-term cosmetic use can cause,
    skin naturally becomes healthier and more radiant.
    The use of skincare products made from premium minerals and
    a wide variety of beauty ingredients only adds more beautifulness over time.

  • 05Polished beauty in less time

    Our carefully designed brushes and other tools are made to ensure
    that busy women can quickly and effortlessly get exactly the look they want.
    And the longer premium minerals are left on the skin, the more they blend seamlessly
    with skin's natural oils and perspiration to ensure a lasting polished look.

  • 06The future of mineral-based cosmetics

    Ten years ago, ONLY MINERALS was the first company to introduce mineral-based cosmetics to Japan.
    Today, we are building a fresh presence as the ultimate name in natural cosmetics.
    By integrating ONLY MINERALS products with YA-MAN's exclusive beauty technologies,
    we intend to continue defining the future of the natural cosmetics industry.