• Mineral Pressed Foundation

Mineral Moist Foundation

Mineral powder dissolved in botanical oils for skin
that's softly radiant and lushly hydrated

We've infused our 100% mineral powder with seven botanical oils to create our Mineral Moist Foundation.
Luminous minerals and lush oils work hand-in-hand for exquisite radiance and beauty unlike anything you've seen before. Our deluxe formula is so gentle and good for your skin, you'll never want to take it off. Rinses away easily with soap and water.

UV protection: SPF 35 PA++++

Contains: 10 grams
Price: ¥4,700 (plus tax) with case and brush
¥3,800 (plus tax) for refills
Contains: 100% minerals and natural ingredients (96% minerals and botanical oils)


Made with seven botanical oils for lustrous skin that is the picture of natural beauty

There's nothing quite as beautiful as the deep-down glow of bare, perfectly healthy skin. Our Mineral Pressed Foundation is made with two rich oils that stay on the surface of the skin and five that readily go deeper for an ideally balanced look.
Infused oils supply lush hydration while adding luminescence that seems to glow from the inside out. They also help reduce the appearance of the fine lines that tend to stand out when makeup is applied.

Our proprietary double-mica formula provides reliable coverage of pores and fine lines for a brightness that lasts and lasts

Mica is a type of mineral that reflects light and sparkles when powdered, which is why the word is thought to have from the Latin micare, to glitter.
Our Mineral Pressed Foundation contains two types of mica: "radiant mica", which brings out natural highlights, and "silk mica", which reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines.
The result is a bright, glowing finish which can only be created by minerals.

A powder that feels as lush and dewy as a cream

The secret? Adding botanical oils at it's maximum level.
The quality of the finished product depends largely on the process used to mix the minerals and oil together, so we've devoted substantial time to this step. The process allows for only 500 pieces to be blended per batch.
It is this painstaking, time-consuming process that results in a product with a truly luxurious feel.


  • Light beige

    Light beige

    For fair skin with pinkish undertones

  • Light ochre

    Light ochre

    For fair skin

  • Ochre


    For medium skin tones

  • Natural beige

    Natural beige

    For medium-toned skin with pinkish undertones

  • Healthy ochre

    Healthy ochre

    For robust skin tones


Mica, squaleane, diheptyl succinate, boron nitride, silica, hydrogenated soybean oil, pomegranate seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, raspberry seed oil, apricot kernel oil, rosa canina fruit oil, sesame oil, glyceryl caprylate, glyceryl undecylenate, tocopherol, titanium dioxide (+/-), iron oxide, zinc stearate, magnesium myristate, hydrogenated jojoba oil, lauroyl lysine


Using the Pressed Foundation Brush

  • Place the cut surface of the brush flat against the surface of the foundation. Gently tap the brush about five times to load it with foundation.


    If too much foundation gets in the brush, simply tap it once to release. The foundation will adhere evenly to the bristles.

  • Tap the foundation over the entire face as if you were applying a stamp, working from the center out towards the edges.


    Hold the brush vertically against the skin and tap firmly to get a quality finish.

  • Finish by sliding the brush over the face to even out the product.

Using the portable brush

  • Lightly sweep the brush across the surface of the foundation.
    and then apply to the face, working from the center out towards the edges.