Premium Foundation

Get premium luminescence plus reliable coverage with our 100% mineral formula featuring three new minerals

Now made with mica processed using an innovative new method, diamond powder, and gold. This premium foundation scatters light to hide pores, dullness, and other imperfections while creating a luxurious and sophisticated silken glow.

Contains: 7 grams
¥4,500 (plus tax)



New mica processing method for smoother, silkier skin

We use high-quality mica processed using an innovative new method. Ultrafine powder fits into every nook and cranny for more uniform coverage, delivering a luxurious finish that's as beautiful and even as porcelain.


Diamond powder and gold create double luster for better coverage and a more luminous glow

Diamond and gold powder scatter light in every direction, hiding dark spots, fine lines, and pores while adding a stunningly sophisticated, luminous glow.


Mesh net for easier application

Mesh net design allows access to the powder without tapping it into the lid, for a smoother, easier application.


Just one product gives you the perfect base you need for a gorgeous finish

Five-in-one formula
Sunscreen (SPF 40 PA++++), makeup base, concealer, foundation, and face powder in one


No need for harsh cleansers! Rinses away easily with face wash and water.

Gently whisks away makeup


Two shades to choose from

  • Ochre


    For medium skin tones

  • Light ochre

    Light ochre

    For fair skin tones


Mica, titanium dioxde, zinc oxide, iron oxide, gold, diamond powder



  • Stand the brush vertically in the central net. Press down slightly to load it with foundation.

  • Use the area around the net to load the foundation deep into the brush while removing any excess.

  • Apply by moving the brush in small circles against the skin, working from the center out towards the edges. The key is pressing firmly with the center of the brush, as if you're massaging the skin.

  • Press the brush firmly enough that you feel it spring against the skin. Draw small circles to apply, as if you're gently pulling up on the cheeks.